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The Complete Set of Companion E-Workbooks

A critical resource for the college-bound student! Our five Companion E-Workbooks set may be purchased separately from the video courses. Workbooks include electronically-fillable worksheets, links, resources and information summaries.


My Profile

My Profile E-Workbook is both a comprehensive organizational tool and an insightful guide to discovering what you are really looking for in your college experience. Included with some courses, My Profile can also be purchased separately.


FREE Mini-Course! How Colleges Build Your Financial Aid Package

Learn how financial aid packages are built so you can develop a strategy to save thousands in college costs.


FREE Mini Course! What Do Reach, Match, and Safety REALLY Mean?

This mini course helps you assess your application the way admissions officers do, and sensibly gauge whether a college of interest is a Reach, Match, or Safety for you.