FREE Mini-Course! How Colleges Build Your Financial Aid Package

How Colleges Build Your Financial Aid Package

FREE Mini-Course!

Don't wait until it's too late! Learn the secrets of college financial aid before you apply to college.  

If you understand how colleges build financial aid packages before you apply, you can develop a strategy to save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, in overall college costs.

This free mini-course reveals critical financial aid information every college bound family should know.

~ 12 min / 1 videos / 3PDFs

What's included?

1 Video
3 PDFs
 College Admissions HQ
College Admissions HQ

About the instructor

Applying to college has become madness—complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and super stressful. Unreliable information and confusing advice make it feel like a high-stakes game with a good chance of ending in disappointing results and stifling debt.

We sifted out the most important information every college-bound student should know and developed critical strategies that ensure success. We compiled this information into clear, comprehensive, and affordable online courses and materials that are easy to use and access.

Our courses provide powerful tools, insights, and guidance to help any student chart his or her own individual path and achieve the best results.

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Our courses include short, topic-specific videos, essential sources and links, information summaries, fillable PDF worksheets, and organizational tools. You will get all the critical information you need to Apply with Purpose---take thoughtful and deliberate action to ensure you choose and get accepted to a college at which you can truly thrive and get the best financial aid possible given your unique situation.