What Do Reach, Match, and Safety REALLY Mean?

What Do Reach, Match, and Safety REALLY Mean?

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A successful list of colleges to apply to is built on realistic expectations of your acceptance into each school.

This mini course helps you assess your application the way admissions officers do, and sensibly gauge whether a college of interest is a Reach, Match, or Safety for you.

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College Admissions HQ

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Applying to college has become madness—complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and super stressful. Unreliable information and confusing advice make it feel like a high-stakes game with a good chance of ending in disappointing results and stifling debt.

We sifted out the most important information every college-bound student should know and developed critical strategies that ensure success. We compiled this information into clear, comprehensive, and affordable online courses and materials that are easy to use and access.

Our courses provide powerful tools, insights, and guidance to help any student chart his or her own individual path and achieve the best results.

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This video is Part 4 of our course, Making the Right College List, which gives you everything you need to find colleges that are right for you academically, socially, and financially.  To find more helpful information and free resources, visit our Blog and Free Stuff pages.

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